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Heart-Wrenching Video Shows How One Elderly Man Confronts Loneliness

In just over seven minutes, Barcelona-based filmmaker Theo Putzu manages to paint the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful depiction of loneliness Vimeo has ever seen. Titled “Paper Memories,” the short film documents one elderly man’s relationship with what appears to be his late wife, a touching story recounted using 4,000 photographs pieced together in a delicate stop motion creation.

In the video, the lead character, a thin, gray-haired figure who walks with the help of a cane, can be seen sifting through black-and-white snapshots of an older woman. As his stare lingers on the various images, the woman begins to move, guiding him on a journey throughout a picturesque, beachside village. Their nostalgic walk finally results in a poetic, otherworldly reunion, a meeting shrouded in tranquility that lets the viewer guess how their saga ended.

Watch the video above, but be warned — you will need tissues on hand. Let us know your thoughts on the miniature film in the comments.


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Elders React To Old Spice Commercials

There’s no question that the Internet’s favorite commercials are from body care company Old Spice. The company’s ads have been spoofed, parodied, and copied countless times over the years, and for good reason. They are simply irresistible marketing gold!

That makes the ridiculous and outrageous commercials perfect to be shown to the The Fine Brother‘s group of Elders for their Elders React series.


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