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Long Term Care Insurance Video Interview – What Is It and Why You Need It


In this video, Grace Herrington explains what long term care insurance is, and why you should have it. If you have assets you want to protect and want to provide for you and/or your family in the future, then long term care insurance might be a wise investment.

Watch the original video here.

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Worrying Medicare Long Term Care – Common Misconception

Long term care insurance is not generally included under Medicare. Long term care is the care you need when you are no longer able to look after yourself due to age or illness. This video answers that question, which is that without long term care insurance, even if you are in Medicare, you would still need to pay for your custodial care and without sufficient money/ when your savings run out, you will need to apply for Medicaid. Under Medicaid there is little choice where you will be placed, and it will be in a care home most likely. You would not be allowed to stay at home, normally under Medicaid.

Click here to watch the original video.

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Do LGBT Seniors Have Unique Issues?

Older adults are often faced with issues like who will take care of them in the latter part of their lives or who will pay for their care expenses. What more if you’re a member of the LGBT community, right? Find out what are the issues surrounding lgbt seniors today and the things you can do in order to improve their quality of life.

For more videos concerning lgbt seniors and other valuable information about aging, visit GracefulAging.

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The Secret in Starting a Long-Term Care Conversation

Facts and visuals are great tools in getting the long-term care conversation started. It’s a complex subject to discuss but with this new way to approach long term care with your client, there’s no doubt he or she will gain more information and will eagerly participate in the discussion. The key here is to make this subject easier to grasp and therefore will encourage more individuals to purchase long-term care insurance. Click here to learn more about this new long term care interactive tool.


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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Review

Long term care insurance will remain relevant and it is because of the fact that people are living much longer and therefore they will need the help of this coverage. Around 70% of people turning 65 and those who are older will need long term care and those who are in the age bracket of 18-64 will also require any form of long term care. These numbers tell us only one thing, almost everyone of us will require this type of care and getting coverage is the most efficient way to deal with its cost. Here’s a video that can help you with your ltc planning and for more helpful videos just visit this website.

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Gender Based Pricing on LTC Coverage

Since women are expected to live much longer than men, they pay for higher premiums. They will require long term care more compared to men and because of this, insurance companies impose high rates for them. In addition to that, about 70-80% of claims are paid to them. Due to this high ltci rates, women are encouraged to buy long term care insurance early. Watch the video below to learn more about the gender based pricing on ltc insurance.

For more informative videos on long term care insurance, click here to visit their youtube channel.

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Heart-Wrenching Video Shows How One Elderly Man Confronts Loneliness

In just over seven minutes, Barcelona-based filmmaker Theo Putzu manages to paint the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful depiction of loneliness Vimeo has ever seen. Titled “Paper Memories,” the short film documents one elderly man’s relationship with what appears to be his late wife, a touching story recounted using 4,000 photographs pieced together in a delicate stop motion creation.

In the video, the lead character, a thin, gray-haired figure who walks with the help of a cane, can be seen sifting through black-and-white snapshots of an older woman. As his stare lingers on the various images, the woman begins to move, guiding him on a journey throughout a picturesque, beachside village. Their nostalgic walk finally results in a poetic, otherworldly reunion, a meeting shrouded in tranquility that lets the viewer guess how their saga ended.

Watch the video above, but be warned — you will need tissues on hand. Let us know your thoughts on the miniature film in the comments.


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