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Nursing Homes: Getting Good Care There (Kindle E-book)


Nursing Homes Getting Good Care There is considered as a widely acclaimed classic consumer guide by The Consumer’s Voice. This e-book is teeming with standards of care, specific advocacy strategies and checklists. It is a must-read for family members, residents and advocates who are looking for the best possible care inside a nursing home. If you’re a volunteer or paid ombudsman, this e-book can also serve as a great training tool for you. Click here to download the e-book for kindle users only. If you want the hard copy of this book, visit this website.

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AALTCI’s Free Guide



Are you one of those people who are planning to buy long term care insurance? AALTCI offers free 2-minute guide that can help you reduce the cost of your ltci coverage. Visit their website now to learn about different savings and discount option that can cut your long term care insurance premiums for up to 50%.

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