Advice For Baby Boomers On How To Have “That Talk”

In my opinion, the best time to talk to older adults or your parents is during Thanksgiving. Take advantage of this festive season to spend time with your family and discuss about important things such as their future long term care needs. For me this is the best time because everyone is present and therefore they can voice out their opinions regarding this pressing issue. Adult children shouldn’t be afraid to initiate the talk because it’s more difficult to face this predicament without a sound strategy. Here’s how you can start initiating the talk about long term care:

The Insurance Barn

I watched my grandfather have to take care of my grandmother in the 1960s and my mother care for my father in the 1980s while they suffered from HD, before they died.

A few years later, my brother and oldest sister were stricken with the same disease.  After several years of caring for them, by my brother and sister-in-laws, they also succumbed to Huntingdon’s disease.

The advice the Joan Lunden gives in this interview is sound advice for all Baby Boomers to consider.

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