6 Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Aging Adults

Aging adults are prone to falls and that’s one of the reasons why their families should keep their home safe. These tips can surely make your home safer for your aging loved ones. It can be done through simple home modifications or by installing long term care equipment such as fall detection system. It is important to make your home senior-friendly in order to prevent falls and other accidents that might cause harm to their overall health.

Comfort Keepers

There’s an old, two-word adage that rings true when living with seniors or supervising a home for senior residents: Safety first. With older adults, even small and minor hazards can become major dangers, so it’s critical to make safety a priority. Here are six simple, yet very important, ways to make a home safe for all:

  1. Minimize fall risks. As seniors age, balance, strength and coordination may decrease, so falling is a major health hazard. Obstacles, such as rugs, may not be a problem for younger adults, but loose area rugs can get bunched up or slip, causing a fall. Eliminate rugs, as well as other clutter, that can cause seniors to trip.
  2. Limit stairs. Install a wheelchair ramp or lift outside or inside your home (whichever is necessary), so your senior doesn’t have to negotiate stairs. Lastly, if possible, set up their bedroom on the first…

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