AGING PARENTS: Helping Parents Take The Next Step For Care

Taking care of a family member who has Alzheimer’s is a huge responsibility to take. I commend all those people who take care of people with the said condition because it takes a lot of patience and time to take care of someone with Alzheimer’s. Although professional help is very much available these days, there are people who prefer to do things on their own. If this is the case, then it’s best to research about how to make family caregiving for Alzheimer’s patients easy. Here are seven tips that can help you deal with the challenges of providing care with someone who has Alzheimer’s:

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Married for 54 years, Leonard and Dixie Vidmar stick to their routine. Every morning, Dixie watches her game show. It’s perhaps the easiest part of the morning routine for husband and caregiver, Leonard.

“I don`t think anybody could take care of her the way I can to tell you the truth,” says Leonard.

Dixie has suffered from dementia for four years and her health isn’t getting any better. Leonard has taken on the role of caregiver and doesn’t care to give that title up.

“I just wonder about the care people in some of these rest homes give compared to the care I give her day in and day out at home,” says Leonard.

Leonard and Dixie’s youngest, Kim Walker, says, “My dad is one of those people who like to do things himself.”

She wishes her dad would allow additional assistance to help at the home…

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