Planning Ahead

Here is a perfect example of how people should react in terms of aging and taking care of our elderly loved ones. It pays to be proactive and to plan ahead. As early as now, you should scout for facilities that would perfectly fit the needs of your loved one. Also, it’s advisable to encourage your parents to purchase private insurance so that it would be much easier to pay for their ltc expenses in the future. It may seem expensive now but you’ll see the worth of ltc insurance once your parents start to receive long term care. To make planning much easier, here are some of the basic things you need to know about long term care:

The Little Moments

After the incident at the doctor’s office last week, I decided that I need to be proactive and start looking for a living situation that will meet Mom’s needs in the long term — before we have an incident that forces the issue. I would like to get her into a community that specializes in dementia care. I toured one such community after work today.

I saw a lot of things I liked about it: the spacious dining room with high, sloping ceilings and plenty of room for walkers and wheelchairs to maneuver between the tables; the large TV lounge; the quiet, tree-lined street on which it sits; everything on one floor, so no elevator causing a traffic jam at meal times. The activities are more in line with her interests, including a weekly Scrabble game and Bible study, and they have an actual Activity Director. The residents, nearly all…

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