Medicaid Is Just Fine, Isn’t It?

In my opinion, long term care insurance is the most economical way to pay for long term care services like caregiver, nursing home, assisted living facilities and the likes. Having coverage can protect your savings, assets and as well as your family while you receive ltc. There are other payment options available like Medicaid and life insurance but if you want comprehensive coverage, you should choose ltc insurance. You can read more about this payment option right here:

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If I had a nickel for every time I heard people say that Medicaid gives you the same care as paying for care does………

True, there is no sign above the door in your facility stating if you are paying the full bill for care or if Medicaid is paying the bulk of it.  However, getting in to the facility you would like to be in can be very difficult.

Medicaid does not pay the same amount to a LTC facility as you or I would if we needed to be there.  If one spends down to Medicaid impoverishment and applies for Medicaid benefits, the facility cannot ask us to leave due to the change in payment source.

They can, however, refuse to admit someone for financial reasons.  It is usually done very tactfully, the admissions person you meet with might inquire about the cares your loved one needs.  After listing those cares…

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