Aging Parents: Open Your Prison Cell and Be Free

It’s really hard to take care of an aging parent especially if you see this more of a task than a gesture that you truly care about them. This is a lot harder for people who need to take care of their aging loved ones who have put them through a lot in the past. Forgiving is definitely the key in order to pull of this responsibility and also to make them feel that they are still important and loved. But in some cases, there are children who can’t forgive their parents and therefore can’t take the responsibility of providing care for them. If this is the case, then talk to your loved ones and encourage them to plan for their future healthcare needs. Long term care is quite expensive these days, so it’s advisable to start planning early in order to enjoy lower long term care insurance premiums. The ideal age to purchase is when they are in their 50’s and early 60’s. Once the time comes your aging parents will need assistance in their activities of daily living or any type of care, they can seek the help of professionals instead. But also try your best to forget about the past and forgive them. You may not assume the role of a caregiver but at least give them the forgiveness they deserve.
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LuAnn Smith B.A.


There are times I’m working with a client and just for fun I throw out the topic of forgiveness. I may say something to the effect of “have you ever considered forgiving your mother for what she’s put you through?” or “perhaps you could consider forgiving your brother for not being here to help you”.

The response varies from silence to a look of utter disgust, as if I’d just confessed to being a mass murder…

Then I qualify what I’ve said in terms of the suffering I see in a person’s eyes, the pain they express or the chaos that’s swirling around and the choices that have to be made about the care an aging parent needs to receive. Holding on to resentment towards an aging parent while at the same time trying to help them puts both of you at varying degrees of risk.  So consider letting go…

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