Long term care programs: Medicaid

Partnership Long term care programs are basically implemented for people with families who are in the middle class range. Those families who cannot afford to purchase their own long term care due to the fact that their income is not sufficient enough to actually avail an LTCi program. There is a three year program available for people who are interested in buying this policy, and after they exhausted its benefits, they can inquire on how to avail Medicaid services from the Government.

One of these programs is called Medicaid, a government funded long term healthcare for the people who are not that rich to afford their own long term care insurances. Medicaid is run by each state where they conduct and look for people who are eligible to be included in the Medicaid program.

Medicaid is specially designed for low income citizens’ especially single mothers who are already supporting one and sometimes more child at ones. Included in this program are the traditional healthcare insurance covers, like the periodical doctor visits, hospital and medical expenses. Medicaid also covers the expenses from staying at a nursing home or sometimes in-house home care, which is, at this time the biggest expenses the Medicaid is facing.

Long term care programs such as Medicaid can really help the less privileged to get through their problems concerning their long term care healthcare. This will not only help them financially, but also emotionally because, at this time where they are already weak and they have no other family they can turn to, they need all the help they can need. And through Medicaid, the Government helped the ease the pain of loneliness and depression, helping them in a variety of ways.

Medicaid also helps with some non-traditional healthcare expenses like, medical equipment such as wheelchairs, oxygen supplies, adjustable beds, canes, eyeglasses, and other medical equipment that is possible to be given using Medicaid. Without the help of Medicaid, these kinds of equipments would be very hard to impossible to be acquired by low income citizens. But the way Medicaid is handled varies on each state; some states will have more focus on traditional healthcare covers while some other states would focus on things like medications and medical equipments.

Although it is true that not all of the citizens can be included in this long term care program, Medicaid still helps a lot of single parents, especially mothers, and families with limited income capacity. This might be not that important to rich people, but to these people, who have suffered enough, will take this with the utmost gratitude.

There are other programs done by non government organizations, but these are not like Medicaid where its goal is long term. These NGO’s can only provide help on the spot, and give temporary help to poor people not like the program done by the government, but this is understandable because all of the funds of these NGOs only comes from charity and most of the time, the organizers shoulders part of the expenses.






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