Dementia and Driving

Driving is more challenging for seniors and all the more if they are suffering from conditions such as Dementia. This is a sign of independence and therefore boosts your confidence. So just imagine if one day you can no longer drive because you’ve succumb to a condition such as Dementia. This is a sensitive topic to talk about so it’s best to discuss this with your loved ones using a sensitive approach. It’s hard for them to give up driving since this is a concrete sign of their independence, so if there are ways to help them continue driving then introduce them to these ways in order to help them bring their own vehicle as they age. For more tips in driving and the elderly, read this:

Dementia Resources

driving_picDriving is something most adults take for granted.  It gives us freedom, flexibility and independence. In a vast land like Australia, with our luxury of space, driving is also a necessity for many of us. We need to drive for practical purposes, like grocery shopping and also for social purposes, to see friends and family.

Now. Imagine receiving a diagnosis of dementia. Then in the days and weeks that follow, as you struggle to adjust to this new reality, imagine the people who care for you, or medical professionals, suggesting to you that you can no longer drive. Another body blow at an already fraught and devastating time.

The decision about when to stop driving is a difficult one and needs to be approached with sensitivity and the involvement of the driver with dementia. Today, we offer you a range of resources which may help you have this discussion with…

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