Senior Care Questions

Life after retirement is one of the most sensitive topics that seniors avoid. Some are just to confident and stubborn, thinking that they will not need help at some point of their lives in the future. Even if they insist that, I suggest that you should take advantage of this holiday season to sit down with them and start discussing about their future plans. I do agree that being reasonable is the key in helping your aging parents plan for their future. Always remember that it’s their lives and not yours so you need to consider their opinions as well. Introduce them to their options carefully and explain to them the different types of long term care services. For your guide you can find the different kinds of care settings here: Help them make the right decision and make sure that they still have a little independence left once they move to a facility.

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Q:  I think I know what my parents’ wishes are when it comes to care as they get older but now it’s time to be having this conversation with my parents I really don’t know where to begin.  They don’t what to end up in a Nursing Home, and it’s getting to the point that they need some help.  My brother lives in Dublin and my sister in Australia so it’s going to be up to me to start addressing this arising issue. Where do I start?

The research you do ahead of time combined with a respectful and supportive approach to the conversation will go a long way toward a successful outcome.  Prior to talking to your parents it would be a good idea to discuss your concerns with your brother and sister.  If all the siblings are united, it will really help the situation.17811891-senior-care-with-the-hand-of-a-young-person-holding-and-helping-an-old-and-elderly-retired-patient-n

The best way to…

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